The Opportunity

Many times as parents we focus on teaching our children, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, sometimes we need to remember that our children can teach us so much if we would only see all that they have to offer.

As adults, we can reconnect with curiosity, adventure, laughter and humility.

Parenting can be an awesome opportunity to learn and grow together with our children.

Next time you’re around your kids, ask yourself “What can I learn from them?”

Treasure Each Moment

Sometimes as parents it’s easy to forget that it’s only for a limited time that we are blessed with the opportunity to raise our children.

If you’re raising young children, soon they will be teenagers and clamoring for more independence. And then soon after, they will be on their own.

While we have the opportunity, let’s lavish our kids with the best we have – which ultimately is ourselves, our love, our wisdom and hope.

As they grow, the seeds of love we plant will bloom into a beautiful and mature fruit in their lives.

– David and Susan Lee

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